Dan R – My work

This blog post is a two parter. First, the portfolio update.

I’ve done some more work now my fans (and potential employers) can see my Flickr photostream and my Diigo bookmarks. They’re at the bottom of my portfolio site on danielrosenblum.com . I chose these because I want to accentuate my photos that I take on Flickr and don’t end up in my stories.Also, I want to spotlight some good reading from across the web in a non-intrusive way.

I’m still not a huge Twitter user, so I didn’t see the utility of adding anything like that (though I’m not competely ruling it out for now). Once I set up an about.me page, I’ll link heavily to that.

Part 2, the Flash assignment. This project was based on an interview with a venture capitalist who deals with fish farming. I wanted to show how the New York area has been intricately linked to early fish farming movements and how it’s still on the forefront of the “urban aquaculture” trend.

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