Update on Portfolio Website

This week, I added widget support for BlogTalk Radio, Soundcloud, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to my site. I think I have done so without cluttering up this as well. While I haven’t changed the the ego-maniacal front page, I have done a lot to the look of the actual pages where the articles are housed. With the use of a nifty sidebar, I have all my social media outlets listed. This serves two purposes. One, there was way too much empty space to the right of my pieces and now, it looks much more uniform. Secondly and most importantly, I have myself branded as a multimedia journalist and had none of this on the site before this small overhaul. It simply had to be there. By doing this, I feel that when someone click on some of my work, they’ll have plenty of options to the right, which can guide their experience. At the same time, it shows off how many different things I can do and where I do them.

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