NYC’s 311 Online Service Map…follow-up thoughts on Data Journalism story

In last week’s class I began to pitch a story about the rapid increase in bedbugs in schools. Without a complete data set, however, I’m finding some major wholes in how if it could be visualized. I am still working toward getting it, but my attention has been distracted over the last several days by this new site that the city Department of Info Tech and Telecom created.

It’s mapped out all of 311 complaints made by New Yorkers by community board district. There are 125 complaints that New Yorkers can complain about and it’s fascinating to see when and how often they complain about it.

So I was thinking that I’d like my data journalism story to harness this kind of data. Off the top of my head, I thought that the story could be a timeline of the winter so far and be specifically about snow fall.

Just a rambling thought..

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One Response to NYC’s 311 Online Service Map…follow-up thoughts on Data Journalism story

  1. A. Adam Glenn says:

    Great stuff! I agree that’s fascinating. Without even knowing the database all that well, I can imagine lots of potential stories.

    But that’s the key – story. Think, for instance, what complaints re winter/snow would tell. That’ll be your answer as to whether the data has got something journalistic for your project. Look deeper, if you can, before tonight’s class and see if you can raise something for us to chew over as a group.

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