You can find my portfolio here.

I decided to go with the Modularity theme. My site opens with a slideshow of pictures, navigated by numbers on top. The images were either a photo that accompanied the story in its original publication or part of the clip itself (as was the case with the multimedia work). I set it up so that the captions to each slide told the viewer what the clip was about, giving him/her an idea of what to expect when clicking the link. Setting up captions also kept the layout from getting cluttered.

Instead of creating pages for my different kinds of work, I gave each clip their own post and assigned each post to a category (so far it’s just print, multimedia and featured). I then renamed the “categories” tab on my menu to “work” so that when a user scrolls over the “work” tab, “multimedia” and “print” come up. Posts that are placed under “featured” category end up on the slideshow that viewers first see when they enter the page. I also decided to hide this category and keep it out of the menu.

The theme originally named the pages tab “pages” but I renamed it to “about” and made two pages, “bio” and “resume” that nest within that. Those are pretty self-explanatory.

For plug-ins, I decided to use ShareThis, WP Resume, Akismet and Lightbox, even though I haven’t added photos yet. I also installed WP Stats, although I would have preferred to use the one that worked with Google Analytics (I couldn’t figure out how to configure it).

About Lisha Arino

Contact Lisha Arino at arino@motthavenherald.com
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