Portfolio HW, Patrick Hickey Jr.

I’ve made some headway, but I think I still have a lot of work to do.


I’m using the On-Assignment theme, which I love. It’s totally slick and streamlined for a professional look. I love the fact that everything is accessible from the main screen, no need to scroll anywhere.

I need to do some CSS work and add more pieces and think the site would benefit immensely from adding my Twitter and Facebook IDs to the top of the page near the top.

Here’s a list of my active plugins:

Audioplayer- turns MP3 links into a player that is slick and smooth.

Lightbox2- brings out great photos more than any other plugin I’ve seen.

Next Gen Gallery- when used with Lightbox, you can do some pretty cool things with pictures.

WP Stats- A must to see how many hits your site is getting

Share this: makes it easy for people to share articles on facebook and other social media platforms.

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