Portfolio Homework

My portfolio is definitely a work in progress, but it’s coming along.

I changed my theme from F8 to Bueno, which is a little less flashy and I think better suits the clips I have now which are mainly in print or online.

I have 5 sections that are pretty self explanatory: About Me, Resume, Portfolio, Multimedia and Interesting Things. I have my tweets on the side in hopes to sync all my online personalities together.

Right now I have my About Me page as the Home, but as I start having more posts, I’d like the blog to be the first thing people see.

I currently have 5 plug-ins: Twitter Tools, WordPress stats, ShareThis, Embedly and FlickrRSS. I think I’m also going to add Apture.

I am still working on creating my own banner and I have a blog section which I didn’t get to post anything in yet, but I’d like to try and post something arts and culture related on a daily basis. I still need to add the rest of my clips from other publications and put in my PDF files for anything that isn’t online.

Though it’s not done, I’m pretty happy it with it so far and think it’s a good representation of who I am.

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