A First Draft Geoffrey Decker Multimedia site

Here she is.

I changed my preferred theme because I really wanted to have a simple homepage, and to let some of my favorite photojourno shots set up the user experience. Therefore, I settled on the Widescreen theme (for now).

I went with the standard pages of most portfolio sites: About and Resume. In presenting my work, I’m still figuring out the best navigation. For now, I have two pages: Articles and Multimedia. Within my articles, I am going to subcategorize my work by subject, so that a user can focus. Right now, the articles page, which nice-looking, is scattered and really doesn’t have any rhyme or reason. I’m also reserving a page for “Press” to point out some editorial work that I did in a previous job that generated some attention from a few notable media outlets.

The plug-ins I’m using for now are Twitter and WP-Resume. I’m also using the Tag Cloud widget but I’m not satisfied with its placement on the pages, so I’ll be changing it.

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