Portfolio Plan – Kline

I’d like my site to be a combination of an online work portfolio and a blog.  Realistically, I could never keep up with a daily blog, but I’d like to refresh the content on the homepage on a consistent basis.  I bought a domain name so I will transfer this content there soon.


There will be six main sections – Home, About, Blog, Contact Me, Portfolio and Resume.

On the homepage, the main column will consist of recently published posts.  The right sidebar will have plug-ins for my Twitter feed and other social networking sites.  There will be links to sites I read regularly and a separate link section for the days big stories.  In that section, if a story is ongoing, I will update the link to reflect changes in the news.  I will also try to make use of RSS feeds.  Finally, I will have an e-mail subscription option because I feel it will remind people to come back to the site.

The About section will be a one-page biography with a photo.  But first, I need a good photo.

The “Blog” section will be the page which houses content written exclusively for the site.

“Contact Me” will have a link to my e-mail address.  I don’t feel comfortable publishing my personal contact information because supposedly there are some weirdos on the Internet. And as a journalist, I never waste my time filling out a form.  I will create a g-mail specifically for the site and forward it to my main address.

Portfolio – This will showcase my work published outside of the site.  It will have a drop-down with sub-sections for writing samples, videos, photos and multi-media projects.

Resume – Hopefully some important people will read this page and hire me.  This would be the same as my regular resume with the exception of my personal contact info.  I will also include a link in case someone wants to download a PDF.

Design – I want something simple in layout and appearance.  My main navigation menu will run across the header.  The color scheme will be a black-white.

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