Portfolio Site (Rohwer)

Here is the link to my site.

I have a Home, About (with content to come), Resume (I’d like to tweak how it’s laid out), Contact, and Portfolio
My work & posts:
I posted a few links to my videos. I can’t figure out the best way to have them stand alone (as opposed to be imbedded) I think that may be a plug-in.

Additionally I have pdfs of my work from the past that I’d like to put up but am unsure about the best way to do that right now.  I’m not sure how I feel about having my “work” separate from the blog posts on the home page…have to think it thru a bit.

I implemented a theme from Woo themes.  But I’m not happy about the layout as I started playing with it. I think I’m going to switch to Base on Graph Paper Press.  It will allow me to have more images front & center.

I am unclear where you upload an image for a custom banner, but think once I get to the new template it will make more sense.

I added the following (with questions):
Twitter tools? Is there an easier plugin?
Contact Form 7: how to activate?
Simple Video Embedder
WordPress.com stats

Next steps?  Work on the layout a bit more and populate with more content. A challenge is trying to take media that is in a variety of formats and figuring out the best way to display them.  But I am looking forward to doing more with this, what a cool opportunity!

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