Portfolio Project

I’ve had my site made on the cuny network of blogs (ianthomas.journalism.cuny.edu).

I really liked the menu system that Daniel showed us last week, so I’d like to go with four main tabs – about, stories, thoughts and the map. For about, I will have a brief bio as one tab, my resume/cv in another and contact methods for the third. Under stories I will have three additional drop downs, print, online and other, where I’ll categorize my stories and have them embedded as quick links to their own pages. Thoughts will include a little micro-blog that I’d like to do, that would end up being more like a link hub to cool stories/things that I like on the web that I’d update regularly. For the map, I have the hope of doing a full flash map of the five boroughs, and I’d drop links on that map for the basic location of each one of my stories.

As far as plugins go, I’m using WP resume/stats/emphasis, twitter tools, winerlinks, subscribe2, editflow and assignment desk. I like my current theme, which is widescreen graph paper press. I have a few photos in mind for the background, although ultimately I’d like my flash map to be my main screen when it’s completed.

I’d like the site to mostly be a portfolio site, but include areas for my twitter feed and just a small blog to also broadcast my thoughts a little bit.

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