My Portfolio Site

My blog will be named Geoffrey Decker Multimedia and feature the best selection of clips, photography, video and interactive productions. For my theme, so far I’m liking because it offers a lot of white space, it’s wide and looks like it’ll be clean.

My pages will be:

Writing & Reporting: clips that have appeared in print and online news websites. These would include hard news clips, profiles, analysis and critical pieces. If possible, they will be broken down topically: business, sports, media, politics, etc.

About Me: not sure what I want this to look like. It would include contact information.

Photography: featured all of my best shots from dozens of stories and shoots.

– resume
– video
– interactive productions

For plug-ins, i’d like to include


Themes: Wide Screen (column on left, slideshow options

Busy Bee (homepage is selected work, blog format)

Fullscreen 2.4.2 – clean and a lot of space

Plug-ins thoughts: WP resume, stats, audio player, twitter tools, After the Deadline

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