Portfolio Wishlist: Yudith Ho

I chose the Workaholic 3.0.2 theme because it has clean lines and doesn’t rely too much on visual elements. Its blank spaces and neutral colors are easy on the eyes, although I would like to change the sans serif font to serif. It uses a variety of fonts and I want to limit it to two for simplicity –I choose the two fonts in the header.

I would like to use my website to showcase my resume and clips, but also to feature my blog and twitter feed. This theme already has space to show my most recent tweet. My twitter feed is already active and I plan to update my blog once every two weeks, talking about skills I’m learning, issues I’m exploring and stories I’m working on.

Right now the theme is featuring my blog posts on the front page instead of my clips. I would change that so that the homepage shows my most recent clips with my most recent blog posts below the fold.

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