Ideas for website

1- A static page with an enter button and a cool visual, maybe a picture of me working on an article on top of it.

2- A logo on the site in the upper left-hand corner with categories lined up to the right, much like

The categories would be all the types of pieces I write, and also a writing resume and my CV for teaching, with proper contact information.

To the right of the categories on the upper right side, I’d like to have an RSS button.

3- A flash script that rotates some of my newer pieces, kind of like a featured section.

WordPress has a few interesting plugins that do this, but I don’t think they’ll be as wide as I need them to be. Many don’t have customizable width, well to the size I’d like it to be.

4- Under that, I want to have a bio, well, a shortened one, like an excerpt, with a picture that has a link below that links to a bio page.

5- Under that, some of my older articles.

6- To the right of that, maybe a poll, or a rotating photo gallery, showing some of the people I’ve interviewed and some of my photography. Also, I’d like live boxes for my facebook and twitter pages which I will make for the site ☺

Essentially below the banner and category section, I’d like a two-column set up. The theme I pick will take advantage of widescreen computers, this way I can keep the content of the page on the main screen. I want everything to be seen when you enter- no scrolling up or down or left or right.

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