Late Filings of Week One Homework Assignments

Only seven of 13 students in our Monday evening class has posted their porfolio homework, and just three have posted their Flash homework. For the latter, I understand individuals are still working to understand this challenging tool, so I’m happy to provide until the end of the week for your acceptable filing, without grade penalty.

For the portfolio assignment, however, the late filing clock is already ticking. Those who didn’t file by deadline at start of class last night have already received a half-step markdown in grade. Please file by midnight tonight to avoid further penalty. Anything filed after midnight will have a whole-step markdown in grade, and so on. I will not accept any filing past this Friday end of day.

This is not to be arbitrary or punitive, but to sensitize you to the importance of meeting deadlines before we hit the major assignments, where late filings will have a more significant impact on your overall grade. Not to mention, in a working newsroom, where chronic lateness on deadlines is a sure route to a pink slip.

Here are the assignments, as a reminder. Thanks and good luck! Adam

Assignment #1: Flash Exercise – Using assets from a BBC interactive, construct your own, step-by-step infographic, using buttons to navigate content that’s distributed in keyframes along the timeline. See for more. Post your work in a blog entry on the class web site, embedding the Flash project. Be sure to tag the entry “flash homework” and check the “Glenn-Mon” or “Glenn-Thu” category. DEADLINE: Start of Week Two class. NOTE: We’ll have an in-class mini-lab to review and troubleshoot your efforts, but be prepared to display your work.

Assignment #2: Portfolio Site Preparation – Request a web site from the school. Post blog entry to class web wite with preliminary plans for your portfolio site, including list of at least 5-10 possible page types (contact, about, portfolio, etc.) and clips of current or past work, plus 3-5 possible plug-ins. Select site theme, or sketch out potential layout with requirements (i.e. able to display large-format photos, or numerous text blocks). Be sure to tag the blog post entry “portfolio homework” and check the “Glenn-Mon” or “Glenn-Thu” category. OPTIONAL: Select a photo or image suitable for use in your banner. DEADLINE: Start of Week Two class.

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