Portfolio Homework

My website is located here: http://amykraft.journalism.cuny.edu/. I picked a theme, but am not sure hw to change it to include the different tabs visitors will be able to click to,

Here is a list of tabs and what I would like included in each:

About: short bio, 150-200 words

Portfolio: WestSide Spirit articles, Our Town articles, Trendcetera.com articles, NYCNews Service articles, UVF Video, Jesus Park, La Marqueta


Links to What I’m Reading: newspapers/websites/books/blogs/and articles I want to share, updated daily

RSS Feed


Layout requirements: able to show audio, photos and video



BP Lotsa Feeds

Viper’s Video Quick Tags

SimplePie Plugin for WordPress

WordPress.com Stats

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2 Responses to Portfolio Homework

  1. A. Adam Glenn says:

    Nice theme, especially if you have images that display nicely in large format. You can tweak menus via the Appearance/Menu options; also check the Theme options for additional controls. I like the tabs suggestions, though Links & RSS feed would more likely be sidebar elements, rather than menu items. Good plug-in list; will be curious what your experience is with Apture. Also, please update your “tag” line to something other than the “Just another CUNY Graduate School of Journalism site” text.

  2. A. Adam Glenn says:

    Also, if you want to emphasize your expertise in health and environment reporting, you might consider adding sub-menus under your Portfolio tab linking to work specifically on that topic.

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