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I guess I am a little ahead of the game, as is Paul. I devoted my winter break to work on my portfolio site. I did my first portfolio website in 2005, in Spanish at that time, and last year when a redesign was imminent, I decided to use wordpress for it. Here you can take a look at the result:

I’m using the template On Assignment, a Modularity child theme, and I am hosting it in my own server.  I chose this theme because of this simplicity and functionality. I’m still deciding how to incorporate a blog into the site to combine it with the articles I have published already. When I say a blog, I mean a more dynamic blog category in the front page.

I’m using various plug-ins in my site at the moment. Audio player, was the first one I installed since I uploaded a couple of articles with audio; WordPress Stats, to see how many visitors I have daily; Contact Form 7,  a great plug-in to create a dedicated contact forms in English and in Spanish, and Custom CSS, a plug-in to modify the theme using CSS.

Last week I installed two social media plug-ins but they took down my website. I deactivated them and now I’m looking for other social media plug-ins that work better with my theme. I also designed my own logo and favicon.

This is just the beginning of the redesigning process. I have installed another theme in the server, Workaholic Pro, and I’m thinking about alternating the look of my site between those two themes.

Any comments about the site are welcome…. looking forward to see your designs…

About Jose Bayona

Journalist based in New York City.
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  1. A. Adam Glenn says:

    Great work so far Jose. I agree the site lacks a sense of fresh content – let’s focus in tonight’s workshop on finding ways for you to incorporate more current material, either from your blog or from your social network feeds.

    Meanwhile, have you tried either of these two Twitter plug-ins per Daniel?
    * Wickett Twitter Widget:
    * Twitter Tools:

    Let’s also schedule a one-on-one appointment this week to look the site over together. Check my office hours for Wednesday and Thursday here:

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