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Live Covering the Family Values March: What Worked What Didn’t

I arrived in the Bronx with a camera, Flip video camera, Marantz audio recorder, laptop, mobile hotspot, and pen and paper, to live cover a “family values” march that was being held on the same day as the AIDS walk … Continue reading

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(Under) Counting Queens: Census 2010

Recently released census results for New York left some local officials fuming. They purport to show that NYC has only grown by 167,000 people since 2000. “The numbers are dead wrong,” said Senator Charles Schumer. “It makes you wonder if … Continue reading

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Neuroimaging our Better Selves: Interactive

Recent improvements in the discipline known as neuroimaging are allowing us to understand how the brain works on a whole new level. Its showing that at least a few behaviors, if repeated, can have a long term effect on the … Continue reading

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