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Live Coverage: Food Festival debrief

The live coverage event was more fun than expected.  My biggest complaint was with the equipment and internet connection.  Rasmus and I went to the field with two sets of equipment and it really came in handy when the videos … Continue reading

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Google Analytics for Portfolio Site

Since launching my site, I’ve only experienced one major spike in terms of people visiting the site.  That sudden increase was probably the result of employers looking through the site as part of the internship application.  After that single spike … Continue reading

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Junk Food Babies

  Junk Food Babies from Martin Leung on Vimeo.

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Cigarette Butt Recycling Program

Assemblyman Michael G. DenDekker introduced a state bill last year that calls for the creation of cigarette butt recycling facilities and for a one-cent deposit to be placed on each cigarette butt.  The program would work similarly to the aluminum … Continue reading

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