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My site doesn’t get a huge amount of traffic but it gets a steady amount. On average, it seems to get one or two visits per day, with the occasional spike here and there. I would imagine most of these are sources I have contacted who then search my name. The month of March was my strongest period. I received 162 visits during that month. After that, there was a huge drop off. In April, I received 22 and so far for May, I received only 10.

Views per month.

Overall stats.

Here is a day-by-day breakdown of visits:

Views per day.

Top five pages:
1) Home page (156)
2) Resume (9)
3) Published work (7)
4) About (7)
5) Contact (5)

Top five search term:
1) daniel prendergast (4)
2) dan.prendergast521@gmail. (1)
3) dniel prendergast (1)
4) ufa vsf (1)
5) daniel prendergast freelance (1)

Top five referrers:
1) interactive2.journalism.cuny.edu (3)
2) triangleshirtwaistfire.com/contributors (2)
3) interactive2.journalism.cuny.edu/syllabus-glenn (2)
4) google.com (1)
5) interactive2.journalism.cuny.edu/2011/03/16/peein-on-the-seat (1)

Top five clicks:
1) twitter.com/danielpren (2)

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